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My name is Coco Lamarr and I'm a professional Vedette based in Sacramento, California.


You may know me from my 3-year residency (the longest of any performer) at the Award-Winning 25 Degrees Bar & Restaurant in Huntington Beach, or perhaps from one of LA's premiere burlesque and variety experiences like Tarantina or Tease, If You Please! Maybe you read about me in VoyageLA or caught me gabbing it up with my good friend, Tito Bonito, on his weekly series "The Tito Bonito Show!"  However it is you came to find me: Welcome! I'm so glad that you're here!


As a child, I was what grown-ups often referred to as "an old soul"—I liked showtunes, I wore thrifted clothes, I could recite movies from beginning to end, and my idea of "playing" was directing other children in reenactments of my favorite films. I developed my affinity for 1940's aesthetics at a young age when I first saw Ann Blyth in "Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid" with her glittering u-bangs and marcel curls. Later it would develop into an obsession as I came to discover technicolor movie-musicals and icons like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page.


In high school I was active in theater, but was thoroughly dismayed the first time I auditioned for the Spring musical only to find out that our school didn't have the kind of budget that those MGM spectacles did. See, I wanted to be the kind of star I saw on the silver screen, flanked by chorus dancers or synchronized swimmers, and dripping in rhinestones and ostrich feathers and bias cut gowns with my name in marquee lights. Today, I'm blessed to say that I am living out that childhood dream as a traveling chanteuse!


As a performer, I've been able to experience things kid-me had only dreamed of: I've sang in street fairs and on historic stages in Los Angeles like The Palace and The Globe theaters, I've guest-starred in speakeasy revues, and I've shared dressing rooms with some of my long-time idols. I even received a standing ovation from Quentin Tarantino himself!


All in all, my career is a reflection of all the things I really love: jazz, Old Hollywood history, 1940's fashion, craft cocktails, and classic burlesque, and this blog is the place where I can pull back the curtain on it all and give you a glimpse into my life as an old fashioned showgirl in a modern world. A place to share with you my life, my inspirations, my obsessions, and pen about everything in between from affordable fashion finds, to tips on how to create luxury on a budget, to my favorite craft cocktails up and down the California coast.


So like, comment, subscribe, and remember to keep your nose to the rhinestone, my friends!

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